It's been a while, but I am finally back — and I hope you are as well.

The big news is that my first book in almost two years is due to come out in May.  DOUBLE TAP is the sequel to the popular HAIR TRIGGER, which introduced those lovable characters RIP and WILMA.  I could spend an hour describing all the craziness in this novel, but instead will quote from the back cover.

Rip & Wilma are back in action!

Get ready for more Motor City mayhem as Detroit’s most outrageous contract killers return for another nasty and hilarious caper.  

When Rip and Wilma are hired to find the killer of a well-known state senator, the job should be easy – especially since they’re the ones who killed him in the first place!  But with every step they take, the pursuit becomes hopelessly more complicated until they find themselves embroiled with a shadowy organization that just might be the most dangerous adversary they’ve ever faced. 

Double Tap takes Rip and Wilma from Motown to the Swiss Alps, and from a maximum security prison into the eye of a raging hurricane.  Along the way they have to dodge bad ass bikers, crooked cops, killer lumberjacks, satanic cults, and horny rhinos.

Writing a sequel to a book like Hair Trigger was a real challenge.  When I wrote it, I only intended the book to be a one-off.  Readers, however, loved the characters, especially Wilma, so I took on the task with one provision
this book would be even WILDER than the first.

After two years of intensive work, the result is fantastic!  I know you're going to love it and will let you know as soon as it's available for pre-sale.

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